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Rebecca N. Rea


   From the beginning the foundation of ceramics is amazing to me. Being able to transform a ball of clay out of the earth, into a solid functional form is an incredible feeling. This process is where the lofty ideas in my mind become substantial, beautiful works of art. 


   I am a functional potter. Everything is meant to be used, to hold something precious, or even become a home for something living. It is designed to sooth the mind and dazzle the eye. To fill the world with color that never fades. The subtle edges and fluent glaze lines provide an enjoyable flowing serenity. Each piece has a fragile durability that will span time if cared for just right.



   The many stages each piece travels throughout in it's magnificent transformation, holds my every interest.   The spin of the wheel teaches me to stay centered. The delinquent nature of the material keeps me patient. The span of weeks each piece takes to complete holds me focused, and the end product awes me again and again.


   I'm enthralled in the magic that takes place encased in the fiery heat of the kiln. This heating process adds a dimension to each piece that is out of the artist control. An element that surpasses the diligence and precision of each stroke, cut, or carve, and adds a force of nature to determine its final state.  In this environment there is a split second where each piece stands liquified and breathes life on its own.  And only afterwards; and after I circle around like a vulture waiting, do things cool enough to peek in and see what has developed.

Past Shows


Past Shows



  • Nov 28  Not Your Mama's Craft Show

  • Sep 26  Worthington Market Day

  • Sep 12  Clintonville Arts and Music Festival

  • July 25  Grandview Lazy Daze
                  2015 Best Of Show

  • July 24  Lancaster Art Walk

  • July 18  German Village Art Crawl

  • Jun 12-14  Columbus Arts Festival
                           2015 Best Presentation

  • Installation  Dec 5 - Jan 2
    Ohio Art League: Thumb Box Exhibition
    @ RAW Gallery

  • Dec 13 Festivus @ 400 W. Rich St

  • Installation Nov 22 - Dec 27
    The Vessel Show: A Space Within

    @ Columbus Cultural Arts Center 

  • Nov 22/23 Holiday Shop Around @ Adubon Center

  • Sep 27 Ohio Made @ Ohio Village

  • Sep 6   Clintonville Arts & Music Festival

  • Installation  Aug 20 - Oct 28 
    Celebrating Upper Arlington
    @ UA Municipal Building

  • July 26 LazyDaze @ Grandview, OH
                    Honorable Mention - Best of Show 

  • July 19 Gardening & Arts Festivus @ Scioto Gradens

  • June 21/22  Arts on the Green @ Old Worthington

  • June 14/15  Spring Fair @ Quailcrest Wooster, OH

  • May 2 Handmade Market @ Lancaster, OH




  • Dec 14 Festivus @ 400 W. Rich St.

  • Nov 16 Holiday Shop Around @ Adubon Center

  • Sep 22 Falling for Local @ Franklin Park      

  • Sep 7   Herb Fair @ Quailcrest Wooster, OH

  • Aug 24 Crestfest @ Clintonville

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